Whether you are building a structure from the ground up or undertaking a renovation, you need to make a lot of critical decisions that will determine the success of your project. One of the first essential decisions you must make is hiring a reliable post hole digger. Choosing the right post hole company can make all the difference.

Here are seven fundamental questions to help you find the best fit for your project. It will also help you determine if they are experienced, trustworthy, and capable of meeting your foundation requirements.

7 Things to Ask Before Hiring a Post Hole Digger Company

1. Are you certified and insured for this type of work?

This is one of the most crucial pieces of information you need to know about the post hole digger you are about to hire. A certified and insured company ensures they are qualified to work on your project and can handle any unforeseen situation skillfully. They also take the best safety measures to protect your project from significant delays and accidents. Check their certification and the insurance policy before making the decision.

2. Can you provide client references?

Talking to past clients is a great way to get different perspectives on how capable and knowledgeable the company is in accomplishing the job. Prepare a set of questions to get all the information you need from their customers about the post holes digging company.

3. What similar projects have you worked on?

When looking for a company to handle your project, it can help to know whether the vendor you are interested in has done something similar. If they have, it is more likely that the project will go well. If they are inexperienced in that area, there may be some obstacles that need to be overcome which can affect your timeline and budget.

4. Do you provide design-build post-hole digging services?

Post hole diggers who follow the design-build project delivery method can offer optimum results. Collaboration between the design and building teams helps streamline planning, execution, and communication and reduces costs. During an unpredictable challenge, they can resolve the problem much more quickly and efficiently and get the project running without significant delays.

5. What materials do you use?

As with any construction project, the quality of the material plays a crucial role in determining the strength and lifespan of the finished product. A high-quality material can significantly enhance the life of the foundation and its superstructure. By using only high-quality materials, you can ensure that your project will stand the test of time.

6. Will you provide a dedicated team for my project?

Another important factor that ensures success is the crew members assigned to the job. Find out whether their team is experienced and professional enough to stick with your project until it’s complete. An experienced crew and supervisor are critical to making good decisions if anything goes wrong. They should be capable of managing communications, equipment malfunctions, and keeping the project running safely and smoothly.

7. What information do you need from us to ensure an accurate project plan?

Open conversation is vital to avoid misunderstandings, delays, and issues hampering the project. You should ensure the company is willing to discuss your requirements without missing small details. And if you don’t have specific information, professional post hole diggers will let you know the specific information they need to complete their part of your project.

What Makes Us the Best Post hole Diggers in Ajax

7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Posthole Digger Service

Whether you are looking for an expert post hole digger just to dig holes or also to set the posts, we can do it for you. Original Posthole Diggers is a fully certified and insured company through WSIB specializing in precision post-hole settings for your fence, deck, and other foundation needs. We have private liability coverage for your protection and our crew.

We use high-quality Portland cement on-site with a half inch stone mix. Our team is professional, experienced, and dedicated to working efficiently and fulfilling the project requirements per your needs. We go the extra mile to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with the process and the result. This approach helps us build a lifelong relationship with our customers who choose to hire us again for various other projects.

We distinguish ourselves by focusing on several aspects, including:

  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Precise quote
  • Dedicated crew (we do not subcontract)
  • Exceptional customer experience
  • Customized service
  • Superior quality materials
  • Affordable price

We serve as reliable post hole diggers in Ajax, Aurora, Bolton, Brampton, Markham, Newmarket, Thornhill, Toronto, Whitby, and many other regions in Canada. Contact us or fill out our form to learn more about our company.

Helical pile installation is one of the most cost-effective foundation solutions in residential and commercial construction. When looking for reliable and sturdy foundational support, architects and contractors often recommend helical piles. They are not only durable but also easy to install with minimum tools, equipment, and labour. Usage of this type of foundation contributes to efficiency and the environment. It is versatile and applicable to various construction projects from large to small.

This article discusses the important basics related to helical piles and other aspects that will help you decide whether or not it is the right solution for your upcoming project.

What is a Helical Pile?

A helical pile is also commonly known as a helical pier or screw pile. It is a type of deep foundation technology introduced in the early 1900s in waterfront foundations. It works by penetrating weaker soil layers and transferring loads of a structure to competent load-bearing soils. Even if the soil conditions are poor, it provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution by increasing the capacity of existing structures without substantial excavation. If your construction project faces noise, vibration, soil disturbance or site access in a specific location, helical pile installation can be an ideal solution for such circumstances. It shows great potential, especially when it comes to foundation challenges.

What is a Helical Pile Made Of?

A helical pile is a helix-shaped column comprising a round steel shaft and resembles a screw to some extent. One or multiple helical bearing blades are welded to the post. The length, thickness, and diameter of a helical pile and its shaft vary depending on the structure being built or repaired, along with other factors. Regardless of dimensions, the pier should be developed with a consistent pitch to ensure a reliable design and installation methods which are accepted by engineering policies.

Round helical piles are effective for construction projects that face compression forces and need strong lateral stability. The round piers are great at supporting such structures and also show resistance against twisting and deflection due to compression. It comprises circular blades that range from 3” to 6” and are welded to the centre.

How Do Helical Piles Work?

A helical pile installation more or less resembles the way a screw is twisted into a wall. Each shaft is directly driven into the soil, and as it disappears beneath the surface, additional extension segments are connected with bolted couplers and tightened into the soil. This results in a single pier extending hundreds of feet below ground and supporting structures even in weak soil conditions.

For many construction projects, the steel pier alone satisfies the load demands. But if you are looking for a more robust and deep foundation system, the pile can be incorporated with concrete poured down the sides to envelop the shaft. This method produces a reinforced pillar resistant to extreme compressive, lateral, and uplift forces.

Popular Names for Helical Piles

  • Helical Anchors
  • Helical Foundations
  • Helical Piers
  • Screw Anchors
  • Screw Cylinder Anchors
  • Screw Piles

What are the Different Uses of Helical Pile?

You can use helical piers to reinforce existing foundations or to support new foundations for a variety of industrial, municipal, commercial and residential structures, including:

  • Buildings
  • Bridges
  • Docks
  • Decks
  • Billboards and flagpoles
  • Mobile homes
  • Garages
  • Solar panels
  • Boathouses
  • Cell towers and ramps
  • Factories
  • Storage containers
  • Retaining walls
  • Power transformers
  • Oil pump jack
  • Oil pipeline

4 Steps for Helical Pile Installation

1. Getting Started

Before starting any foundation project, it is essential to have a drawing of the project and location. This is needed to give to an engineer to get a helical drawing which ensures how you can use the piles for effective results.

2. Prepare the Site

You may need a minor excavation before installing helical piles. It is vital to understand and review the engineer’s specifications to ensure the successful completion of your project. Original Posthole Diggers has an experienced engineering team ready to help at any stage of the process.

3. Install Helical Pile

As mentioned, the piles are screwed directly into the load-bearing soil. A high-speed torque or a low-speed hydraulic drive motor attached to a machine helps installation, while a torque monitor reviews the work. Light capacity piers are installed with machines such as mini-skid steers, skid steers, mini excavators, or utility sector-style auger trucks. High-capacity piles are drilled into the ground using 15-tonne or larger excavators. Sometimes, modified custom equipment may be used. Depending on your project specifications, you may need extensions until the competent load-bearing soil is reached.

4. Review the Result

After the helical pile installation is complete, it is essential to review the work and ensure every column is placed and configured as directed by the engineer. You also need to check the depth and the torque requirements. An observation record is provided to identify the depth, torque, helices and extensions completed for the project.  A letter of conformance should also be included at the end of the job.

We Offer Reliable Helical Pile Installation Services

Everything You Need to Know About Helical Pile Installation

Original Posthole Diggers is a leading name in the posthole digging industry. We focus on providing outstanding customer service and the highest standards of professionalism at every stage of a project.

We are extending our services in collaboration with Mascore to offer helical pile installation for all your foundation needs, regardless of the size and scope of your construction or restoration project.

Screw piles are not just a robust foundation solution but also an economical alternative. In general, they come with a lifespan of around 150 years. However, the lifespan may be slightly shorter or longer depending on the surrounding soil conditions.

If you are looking for proficient helical pile contractors in Whitby, look no further. We offer customized helical piles service catered to the needs of your project. Contact us or fill out our form to get a free quote within 24 hours.

Commercial buildings often look for added safety, strength, and reliability, especially when securing an existing foundation or laying the groundwork for a new construction project. Whether you are a businessman, architect, or construction manager, a helical piles foundation may be the ideal solution.

Modern helical piles are a forward-thinking technology that makes the most of the benefits of the traditional form while offering new advantages for sound construction. They are the preferred choice for many industries. Although they were initially developed for the marine industry, they are now a popular choice in civil engineering, road, rail, and telecommunications industries. They can bear large tensile and compression loads and are often used for retaining structures such as walls, dams, and barriers.

Here are some of the helical piles advantages that can help you make an informed decision for your project.

Helical Piles Advantages You Should Know

Fast Installation

Helical piles are small and don’t require equipment like cranes for transportation. You can install them fast in any weather condition or season. They have a unique anchor system and do not need a wait time like concrete or other materials to set and harden. You can start construction immediately after installing them.

Environmentally Friendly

A low carbon footprint and minimal to zero site damage are one of the top advantages of helical piles. They have a screw-pile system that does not require soil cutting. This helps in keeping the project site clean and intact. As installation does not require heavy equipment, there is least to no production of construction vibration, which is a crucial factor to consider for environmentally sensitive areas. In addition, you can install screw piles, leave them in a place for years, and remove and reuse them in a different location with little to no impact on the initial site.

High Load Bearing Capacity  

When it comes to repairing an existing foundation, increased stability is critical. Helical piles show the capability of providing extended stability during foundation repair regardless of the size and scope of the structure.

Improved Versatility

Traditionally, helical piles are installed vertically. However, present-day systems are highly versatile. They can be arranged in several orientations to fit the needs of a foundation. You can install them horizontally to support earth-retaining projects and use them for lateral loading. Their cutting-edge technology enables them to support increased load capacity by adding them into the mix.


One of the essential helical piles advantages you should know is that they are highly economical. As they do not require transport or heavy equipment for installation, they save builders, structural engineers, and architects a significant amount of money. The piers can be driven into the ground at about five minutes for every 10 feet of pile required. As the process is simple, you only need an operator and one labourer to accomplish the task. The helical piles installation process also reduces site clutter and the costs related to site cleanup. There is no upkeep or technical maintenance required. And as they are recyclable, reusable, and transferable, it contributes to the environment and your investment.

Great Accuracy

Foundation repair of a structure requires as much accuracy as possible. Helical piles offer everything needed to ensure the repair is as accurate as possible. Handheld equipment enables you to see the resistance and torque used during installation. It also provides a signal on when to stop digging. With helical piers, you can achieve remarkable accuracy and final results every time.

Reduced Impact on the Site

In general, construction needs a lot of space and labour. It also causes gridlocks in and around the work site leading to inconvenience in the area. However, helical piles installation does not cause these problems. It also doesn’t require digging up soil and then a place to deposit the extracted soil like a traditional concrete foundation work. It keeps the site clean and requires minimal clean-up afterward. As the piles are driven into the ground using specialized equipment, it doesn’t cause noise pollution. Installation happens below 80dB.

Delivers Stability to Foundations on Any Soil

Soil quality is one of the crucial factors to consider for any construction project. Poor quality or loose soil can cause a foundation to shift, which results in wall cracks, sagging flooring, and drainage problems. Helical piles can be used on any ground as they can compress the existing soil and apply tension to it, ensuring that the foundation does not shift. During installation, load-bearing dirt is displaced instead of removed, and grout is added to the piers, allowing them to fix in place while preventing the surrounding soil from shifting.

Other Less Known Helical Piles Foundation Advantages

Applicable to High Groundwater Conditions

As helical piers do not require excavation, they are easily usable at construction sites with shallow groundwater conditions as it speeds up their installation process. This expedites construction and eliminates the need for pumps or other methods to control groundwater, leading to reduced costs.

Supports Alterations in Load Capacity

Another unique advantage of helical piles is that you can increase the load capacity anytime by making small changes. You can also easily alter the configuration to improve load capacity. It is easy to create a solution by adding extension sections with additional piers of a larger diameter without the need to build a new foundation.

Easy to Install at Remote Sites

One of the rarely known helical piles advantages includes their capability to suit any project in remote areas. As they don’t require ample space or heavy equipment, you can easily transport them to a site that is congested and lacks access to advanced heavy-duty equipment.

11 Helical Piles Advantages You Should Know

Contact Us to Build a Robust Helical Piles Foundation

At Original Post Hole Diggers, we have accomplished more than a hundred helical piles installations. Our trained and certified operators understand the unique demand of each project and know what it takes to complete the job successfully.

We believe in comprehensive planning, teamwork, and close attention to detail, allowing us to provide our clients with the best value possible. This makes us a one-stop destination for your foundational needs. Whether you need to repair a foundation in a tight access location or extremely steep sites, we are here to help.

Contact us for a free consultation or fill out our form to get an estimate within 24 hours.

As the fall arrives, business owners begin working on their property maintenance checklist to prepare for winter. Deck protection should be an integral part of your planning. It helps to have an individual deck maintenance checklist to ensure your property is welcoming for your customers.

Protecting your deck in winter is a proactive measure you can take to boost your business and keep your customers and employees safe during the cold months. Here are some essential tips and tricks on increasing your deck’s lifespan and saving on time, money, and effort.

How to Prepare for Deck Protection in Winter

Dispose of Debris

Dirt, leaves, and other debris is common on decks, mainly when your business receives high foot traffic. If you fail to clean your deck before winter, snow and ice can lock in with moisture. This leads to wood decay and other structural and integral damages. So ensure your deck is free of debris before the cold months set in.

Examine Your Deck

It is wise to examine your deck, including the top surface and the area beneath, to spot moisture or signs of damage. You can use a traditional ice pick or a thin flat-headed screwdriver to inspect wet areas. If there is any decay, the pick or screwdriver will easily penetrate the wood. You should also check loose railings or footings and tighten them to ensure complete deck protection throughout the cold months.

Clean Your Deck

Avoid letting mildew accumulate on your deck, as it can make the floor slippery when wet. To clean and resist mildew, you can use a commercial cleaner. If you would like to use a DIY method, here is what you can do:

  • Mix 6 ounces of powdered organic oxygen bleach with three-quarters of hot water.
  • Mix one-fourth cup of ammonia-free liquid dish detergent into the solution.
  • Stir the oxygen bleach until it completely dissolves.
  • Apply a good amount of the mix to the surface of your deck using a sprayer.
  • Allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes.
  • Scrub the surface gently using a stiff scrub brush.
  • Wash as soon as you finish scrubbing.

Avoid using products containing sodium hypochlorite or chlorine bleach. It can be toxic to the surrounding trees and speed up the corrosion of the deck fasteners and other metal structural connectors.  

Seal Your Deck

Sealing your deck is one of the most crucial factors you should never overlook. It is vital to apply a seal every 2 to 3 years to ensure complete deck protection from rain, snow, and ice. Otherwise, it can lead to decaying, cracking, warping, splintering, and moisture penetration. Deck rot can ruin your deck’s integrity and strength, increasing the chances of pest infiltration. Before sealing, ensure to clean your deck using certified organic oxygen bleach. Carefully consider the label instruction and any guidelines related to a low-temperature application.

Place a Tarp Over Your Deck Before Winter

For some commercial property owners, covering the deck with a tarp could be the best solution. This will work if you don’t plan to use your patio throughout the cold season. To prevent the tarp from blowing away in high winds, ensure to secure it well. And remove the tarp soon after the ice melts as it can trap moisture. But if the deck is an attractive location for your premises, you should opt for a winter deck protection action plan.

How to Remove Snow & Ice

How to Clean Up Snow

After you have prepared your deck for winter, it is time to maintain it during the season. For light snow build-up, you can clean using a broom. When using a snow shovel in a high snowfall region, ensure it doesn’t cause scratches, dings, and dents on your deck. Avoid moving the shovel across the width of the boards. Instead, clean along the lengths to protect the stain or paint.

When to Salt Your Deck

When salting your deck, it is essential to consider the material. Rock salt or calcium chloride can melt snow and ice from the surface of composite decks. If your composite deck is old, rinse off the salt soon after using it. Avoid applying salt to wooden decks as it can damage the finishes, and you might need to restain your deck and fix any discolouration in the spring.

Other Deck Maintenance Tips to Consider

Hire Deck Maintenance Professionals Every Few Years

It helps to hire a professional deck protection service to ensure thorough cleaning and maintenance of your deck. They are well trained and provide more attention to detail.

Restain It When Colour Fades

You also need to consider resealing your deck every few years. Reseal your deck on a warm and dry day to avoid any water trapped within the seal. When planning for resealing, you will also want to restain your deck. But restaining is needed only when the colour fades away.

Avoid Grill Stains

Cleaning grease stains on a wooden deck is extremely challenging. So if you use your patio for grilling, ensure a good grease-catching system is in place to prevent this situation entirely. Alternatively, you can avoid having a grill on the deck.

Keep Your Eyes Open for Decaying Wood

Maintaining deck wood may become a challenge if it has turned too old. It can also cause injury to customers or employees. So it is crucial to pay close attention to deteriorating wood and address the damage promptly. Managing any broken or aged wood prevents your deck from further damage.

Deck Protection Tips & Tricks for Winter

Get a Solid Foundation to Enhance Deck Safety

Original Posthole Diggers specialize in post hole digging and setting for your deck system. We build a solid foundation to ensure it enhances your deck’s structural capability and strength.

If you are looking for a quick and reliable foundation system, we offer a helical piles foundation for deck footings. It provides a sturdy base and allows you to build a deck on the same day without the need to wait for the concrete to cure.

Our trained team of post diggers meets your exact needs for wooden posts or deck footings. Contact us or fill out our form to get a free estimate.

Post hole digging may seem simple, but it requires special skills and equipment to ensure a robust foundation. It involves working with uneven terrains, loose debris, hauling heavy materials and other potentially dangerous settings. You need a detailed plan with the proper mapping of the utility lines before breaking ground.

Such operations are not a DIY task, and hiring a professional post hole digger is wise to help you avoid possible accidents and property damage. Here are some strong reasons to get an experienced post hole digger for your upcoming project.

Eight Reasons to Hire a Professional Post Hole Digger

1. They Have Special Tools and Equipment

Establishing a foundation requires moving earth and compacting soil to make sure it can manage the weight. When you hire a post hole digger, they come with special tools and equipment ideal for your project needs and the skills to use them efficiently. This prevents you from additional spending on expensive equipment and gives peace of mind that the job will be accomplished safely. Consider choosing a post hole digger with years of experience working on different projects, such as Original Posthole Diggers.

2. They are Licensed and Insured

Post hole digging is a complex operation where you must consider potential risks, injury, and damages. Hiring a licensed digger means they are trained and authorized by law to practice specific functions, while insured means they are protected from any damage or injury that may occur during the process. They complete the job honestly and do not implement shortcuts that harm anyone or their surroundings.

3. They Know How to Handle the Job Safely

One of the biggest reasons to hire a post hole digger is to ensure safety. The need locates to map the nearby utility lines such as water, gas, electrical, telephone, or drainage lines before digging. In rare cases, if they accidentally hit a gas source, they have the safety protocols to handle such situations effectively. In addition, they wear proper safety and protection gear and know what to do in an unforeseen situation to reduce the risk to the surrounding environment.

4. They Adapt to Soil Conditions Before Digging

Many property owners attempt a DIY process assuming that the soil they walk on is the same soil they will dig up. However, as you dig deeper, you may encounter different types of soil surfaces that may pose various challenges. Depending on the location, muddy, sandy, or rocky soil can be closer to the surface than you may expect. Digging a hole through multiple layers of different soil types, especially rocky soil, can be hard to break up. Digging up extremely wet and unpredictable marshlands is a greater challenge. It becomes crucial to hire a qualified post hole digger who will test the soil and evaluate the overall site before beginning the process.

5. They are More Than Just a Post Hole Digger

Post hole digging is not just about unearthing dirt. It is a complex process involving many factors such as site evaluation, earthmoving, disposal, transportation and installation. If not done correctly, you may end up causing significant damage to your property or your neighbour’s or affect the water quality around your area. Trained post hole diggers can guide you on whom to contact regarding regulations and procedures in your area.

6. They are Knowledgeable

When you hire digging contractors, you are not paying them only for the labour. Their extensive knowledge in the field and years of experience working on different projects and challenges significantly count and help make your project a success.

7. They Ensure Value for Money

Whether performing the task yourself or hiring an amateur, you will need to spend money on the project. But hiring a skilled post hole digger gives you value for your money. Their expertise, experience, and top-notch equipment are vital in reducing the dangers and risks. If you are doing it yourself to save on cost, you may spend more or even double the investment if any problem or accidental damage occurs. Ensure you consider the risks involved and that you can mitigate them all with the help of a professional.

8. They Respect Deadlines

When handing over a digging job to a contractor, you don’t have to worry about meeting the deadline. As professionals, they respect their clients’ deadlines and budgets, working with you to ensure all necessary paperwork (such as  locates) is completed in time. If you are doing it yourself, any delay may result in spending more money or requiring additional equipment to accomplish the job.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Post Digger

Hire a Reliable Post Hole Digger for Your Project

At Original Posthole Diggers, we have years of experience working on diverse digging and excavation projects. We are a licensed and insured company, and we also have safety measures to ensure we finish the project while giving you complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

From post hole digging to deck footings, we offer a full range of services customized to your requirements. Whether you require qualified post hole diggers for one fence or need to dig hundreds of post holes for a large field, we have got you covered. Our qualified team of professionals is proficient and finishes the work with quality.

We also offer helical pile installation, an advanced, neat, time-saving and environmentally friendly alternative to digging using traditional concrete. These piles are applicable to building foundations for various structures on your commercial, industrial, or residential property.

To know more about our post hole digging services, contact us or fill out our form. We are always available to resolve any queries you may have.

Commercial fencing serves as an essential asset to your property. Apart from enhancing the visual appeal, it offers protection and a sense of privacy, two critical aspects of any commercial property.

If you are looking for the best fence solution for your business, you may get overwhelmed with plenty of designs and materials available. To help you narrow your search, we have compiled the 10 best fence design ideas that discourage unauthorized access to your property.

Top 10 Fence Design Ideas for Your Commercial Property

Vertical Picket Fence Design

A vertical picket fence is one of the most common traditional options. You can easily customize it by adding the required space between each picket and creating a fence design that suits your privacy needs.

Horizontal Slat Fence Design

Install traditional pickets by rotating them 90 degrees, and you get the modern horizontal slat fence that provides privacy with style and beauty. Placing planks without gaps creates complete privacy. But if you want to make it seem more extensive, you can keep the slats slightly apart.

Aluminum Fence Design

Aluminum is a low-maintenance fencing option that provides strength, durability, beauty and high resistance to rust. It can adjust to flat and sloped terrains without causing ugly gaps. You can customize it to create a barrier that improves security and blends well with the surroundings.

Vinyl Fence Design

A vinyl fence is one of the most affordable options that provide privacy and a sense of cleanliness. It offers a variety of styles and colours for customization. It is easy to install and requires less maintenance than wood. Resistance to weather makes it more durable than the fence design ideas mentioned above. In addition, vinyl planks have no gaps that ensure complete seclusion and an increased level of protection for your clients and employees.

Bamboo Fence Design

Bamboo offers a higher tensile strength than steel and can be stretched without breaking. It is a highly durable material that can withstand damage from termites and last longer than many materials. A bamboo wall looks beautiful, and installing the sticks close to each other provides privacy. A bamboo fence design is a practical option if you have a small commercial property. Alternatively, you can combine a bamboo fence with another material if you want to install it for larger premises.

Corrugated Metal Fence Design

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, consider installing a corrugated metal fence. This privacy fence is more affordable than a wooden railing and will cost less maintenance. It offers a robust fence design that provides an opaque surface that deters trespassers from peeping. The installation takes less time than bamboo and offers complete privacy and security.

Stone Fence Design

Stone fencing is one of the best options for commercial properties. Although it might take a longer time to install, it provides excellent privacy and security. It is easy to combine with other fence design ideas to create a unique solution that enhances your property’s curb appeal. It can blend well with a bamboo, picket, or corrugated metal fence. A stone wall can provide a perfect foundation solution when you want to prevent decay due to any existing wooden fence installed directly into the ground.

Steel Fence Design

Many commercial property owners opt for steel fence design to enhance security. The barrier looks neat and elegant and combines well with other natural elements surrounding the area. Its surface shines in all seasons and is resistant to rust and corrosion. A steel fence offers a sturdy and secure barrier for your business and serves well in discouraging thieves and vandals. It also increases the overall property value.

Shadow Box Fence Design

A shadow box fence or board-on-board fence is a popular wooden privacy railing that looks good on both sides. The pickets on the side of the rails cover the gaps between pickets on the other side, blocking the view. You can combine this fence design with a living wall and opt for a DIY installation.

Pallet Fence Design

A pallet fence is a typical privacy fence that is easy to install. The pallets allow light to penetrate in if you have plants growing on the opposite side of the barrier on your premises. Pallets look inviting to visitors, and as they fill space, they also serve as a good privacy fence. You can use endless customization ideas with pallet fences to enhance curb appeal and privacy.

10 Fence Design Ideas for Better Privacy and Security

A Strong Fence Design Needs a Strong Fence Foundation

Often property owners tend to overlook the importance of foundation when installing fences. No matter how good the material and design, the barrier will fail to serve the purpose if the foundation is poor. Over time the posts will start to bend, and eventually, the fence could collapse. You should plan the foundations as carefully as you plan your fence design.

A firm footing protects the barrier from damage in high winds and blowing over in strong winds. The deep-rooted posts in the ground ensure your fence stands strong in every weather condition.

Posts are the backbone of the complete fence system. When planning to install a fence, understand its functions and the suitable products to use. Consult a professional fence contractor to know everything from the types of posts available to the installation costs. This will help in determining the perfect fencing solution for your property.

Install Fences with Original Posthole Diggers

Are you planning for a new fence? Original Posthole Diggers provides hassle-free and affordable posthole digging and installation services. Our team of expert posthole diggers offers the best workmanship for any type of project.

Whether you are planning to install a fence for commercial or residential property of any size, we are the go-to professionals for a reliable foundation that protects, enhances, and increases the lifespan of your fencing solution.

If you are looking for a high-security fence design solution for business, look no further. Contact us or fill out our form to discuss your fencing needs. Our friendly and experienced staff will be happy to help you.

Hope for the best, plan for the worst. Digging requires a lot more careful planning than most people realize. There are a number of things our machines could hit. Because we can’t see what is under the soil until after we’ve dug it up, it’s important to do as much research on the property as possible before grabbing the drills. This way we can do our best to prevent anything from happening, and be more equipped to handle anything that doesn’t exactly go according to plan.

The first step of any task is usually the hardest, but it’s also the most important if you want the rest of the process to go according to plan. Before we can dig and set the holes for you, we’ll need to know where the holes need to be. While we do offer this service, you may find the experience more rewarding if you’re the DIY type.

One question we get a lot is:

“Will the equipment damage my property?”

The answer quite simply is no.

When people take on DIY projects, they often picture the final product in their mind, without fully considering all the mess or complications they may run into along the way. Fortunately, that’s what we’re here for. As homeowners ourselves, we know just how big of a job this is so we understand the concern. Rest assured, your home will be treated with the utmost respect, as if it belonged to any one of our employees.


Working in a garden is one of many ways to unwind through nature. As an added benefit, it can be a shared family experience that contributes to their well being. Not only does it teach kids of the natural growth cycle first hand, it provides that sense of satisfaction that comes from taking care of something and accomplishing a task on your own. Gardening is a great way to learn and improve important life skills while raising environmental awareness.