The Ultimate Summer Guide to Affordable Gardening and Patio Decoration!

Gardening Working in a garden is one of many ways to unwind through nature. As an added benefit,


Working in a garden is one of many ways to unwind through nature. As an added benefit, it can be a shared family experience that contributes to their well being. Not only does it teach kids of the natural growth cycle first hand, it provides that sense of satisfaction that comes from taking care of something and accomplishing a task on your own. Gardening is a great way to learn and improve important life skills while raising environmental awareness.

gardenIf you are looking to grow flowers with your kids, Sunflowers are a great option to start with. They sprout quickly and have a long lifespan – not to mention they make a yummy snack once they start dropping seeds. If it’s a vegetable garden you’re interested in starting with your kids, you may want to begin with radishes. They can grow in all kids of weather so you can plan your family time around you – not the sun.

Check out these tips for a better gardening experience with your family! Happy gardening!

  • Give them their own garden beds – this provides a sense of ownership
  • Give them real tools (under your supervision) – this shows your kids you are acknowledging the importance of their work.
  • Start from the seeds – starting from the very beginning gives them a better understanding of the growth cycle.
  • Build a scarecrow – if your kid(s) start getting bored, finding another gardening related activity can help jumpstart their interest
  • Do the behind the scenes work – it’s okay to cheat a little or use shortcuts. The gardening process is a long one so you may need to water the crops or check for bugs when your child isn’t able to. The important thing is that they feel that sense of ownership.

For tools, tips, and other reseources, visit Earth Easy Solutions to learn how you can make the most out of your garden, crops, and experience!


Patio Decoration

Your backyard is an extension of your home, so it’s only natural that you’d want your yard to look and feel like your home too. If you lack the time for a quick escape to get back in touch with nature, a backyard can be a great compromise.

ff4236f246ea26e164a3717c2a82b372When planning your new patio décor, map it out the same way you would a living room – What is it’s purpose? What would you do in it? Is there room to eat, play or relax? Remember, just because it’s outdoors doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice functionality. Weather proof furniture can look just as cozy and feel just as comfy. If you’re still concerned, you can find lightweight, easily detachable pieces that can be stored indoors during harsh conditions.

It is also important to consider colour scheme. Will it match one of your indoor rooms, or the outdoor scenery? If the scenery in your yard is lacking, plants, lamps, and other knick-knacks can help make the colour pop and bring your patio to life. Speaking of lamps, it’s great to have some light for those late night reading sessions – or maybe you’re a morning person and would prefer a nice shady spot to read?

If you are worried about expenses, have no fear! Flea markets are a great source of affordable, and unique pieces for your yard. If need be, slap on a fresh coat of paint, or tighten a few screws. Your wallet will thank you and so will your patio.

There’s a lot to consider when decorating your deck or patio. Fortunately, Home Polish makes it easy!


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