Original Posthole Diggers will satisfy all of your fence and deck building needs from wooden posts and deck footings to pre-built fence posts. We can either dig a post hole where you have pre-marked the position or we can dig and set the posts so they are straight and level. Just ask and we’ll be happy to provide a quote on this as well.

Dig and Set

Wooden Fence Posts

Original Posthole Diggers will run string lines, mark the post hole location, set the posts in concrete and level the posts to ensure they are plumb.

Dig Depth: 42-48"

Chain Link posts (2"x2") $35 per hole
4"x4" post (8" hole) $45 per hole
5"x5" post (10" hole) $55 per hole
6"x6" post (10" hole) $55 per hole
6"x6"x14'+ (10" hole) $70 per hole

4 x 4 in 10" hole = $80       in 10" sonotube = $90 each (does not include post or sonotube)

6 x 6 in 12" hole = $100     in 12" sonotube = $120 each (does not include post or sonotube)

Dig Only

Original Posthole Diggers will mark hole location and DIG only.

Dig Only Depth: 42-48"

6"/8" hole (4"x4") $35 per hole
10" hole (6"x6") $40 per hole
12" hole (6"x6") $45 per hole


Deck Footings

Deck Footings

Original Posthole Diggers will run sting lines to Dig and Set your deck footings based on your markings.

8" footing $60 per hole
10" footing $80 per hole
12" footing $100 per hole

Precision setting of height = $25.00 per footing.

Pre-Built Fence Panels

This is a more precision type service. Posts are being set in accordance with pre-built panels and therefore, the distances between the posts must be exact (within a 1/4"). It is for this reason that we have specific pricing for this service and caution customers that there are cases where underground conditions can make it impossible to set the posts in the exact desired locations. 

2" or 3" posts = an additional charge of $90 per hole

4"x4" or 6"x6" posts =  and additional charge of $150 per hole

(our minimum charge applies to machine digging only and not to hand digging, post removal or materials such as sonotubes, saddles, posts, etc.)

Minimum Charge starting at $350.00

Fence posts to be provided by client.