Experts Answer Commonly Asked Questions About Helical Piles

10 Questions Answered About Helical Piles

Builders, contractors, and architects use helical piles to build deep foundations and strengthen existing foundations. It is highly

Builders, contractors, and architects use helical piles to build deep foundations and strengthen existing foundations. It is highly effective in supporting light and heavy structures facing weak soil conditions.
Are you looking for a strong foundation solution? Here are some commonly asked questions answered about helical piles that will help you understand them in detail.

Top 10 Questions About Helical Piles

How Deep Can Helical Pile Installation Be?

Typically, helical piles are installed from 10 and 25 feet below the ground. However, depending on the needs of a particular project, they can go as deep as 100 feet to meet the torque requirements. A deep foundation is usually required for structures built on loose soil.

What are the Different Uses of Helical Piles?

You can use a helical pile to:

  • Fix cracks on the interior plaster walls
  • Repair uneven floor
  • Repair a large gap formed in the door and window frames
  • Eliminate the obstruction produced when closing and opening doors
  • Repair cracks in the basement
  • Provide foundation anchor solutions for soft or oversaturated soil

How Reliable are Helical Piles?

Helical piles are the perfect solution to build a strong foundation or protect and strengthen an existing one. They are 100% reliable because:

  • They don’t require excavation, soil removal, frost protection or a dewatering system.
  • They provide more security and benefits compared to a traditional concrete foundation without the liabilities of driven piers.
  • They are cheaper, faster, and easy to install (even easy to remove) than a traditional concrete foundation.
  • Their load capacity is verified as more reliable than a concrete foundation.
  • They use lightweight construction equipment, providing instant torque-to-capacity feedback for production control.
  • They are made of galvanized steel capable of resisting corrosion, a common problem with concrete posts.
  • They are ready for loading immediately after installation and do not need curing time like concrete foundations.

What Size Helical Piles are Needed for Deck Footings?

The size and number of helical piles are determined based on the size of your deck, the support it requires and other conditions of the structure. You can get accurate information after consulting a professional posthole digger such as Original Posthole Diggers in Ontario.

When Were Helical Piles Introduced?

Alexander Mitchell, a blind civil engineer from Ireland, invented helical piles in 1833. According to records, helical piles were first used for the foundations of lighthouses. Many assume the piers can only be used for small load-bearing applications such as street lamps, canopy structures, and retaining walls. However, with advanced technology, they are also being used in the heavy oil and gas industry and other significant projects where massive load-bearing capacity is needed.

How Are Helical Piles Spaced?

As a general rule, helical piers are spaced at a distance of 5 to 6 feet and 3 to 4 diameters in the center.

Are Helical Piers Costly to Install?

Helical piles are an overall cost-effective solution for any foundation. You need to consider a lot of factors that affect the cost of the piles, including:

  • Quick Installation: They can be installed quickly using small equipment such as mini-excavators or track excavators. This eliminates the need to invest in heavy-duty installation equipment generally needed to set foundations.
  • Increased Productivity: A single operator can install up to 40 helical piles in a day, depending on the size and scope of the project. This increases productivity and eliminates labour costs making the project more efficient and cost-effective.
  • Installable in Any Weather Condition: You can install piers in any weather condition and swampy ground. Many expert contractors, such as Original Posthole Diggers, install them in temperatures below zero degrees without significantly decreasing productivity. The lightweight machines reduce the environmental impact and save the costs of cleanup.

In the long run, the helical piles’ cost-saving benefits make them an affordable solution for all types of projects, including weak soil in areas with unpredictable weather conditions.

Factors that affect the upfront cost of the piers include:

  • Location of your site
  • Type of structure
  • Type of task (installation or repair)
  • Condition of the existing foundation
  • Depth required for installation

When Should You Replace Helical Piles?

As estimated, helical piles come with a lifespan between 20 and 150 years. The biggest factor that determines their longevity is soil condition. If you notice significant cracks or splits in the wall or if your doors and windows feel jammed when opening and closing, it may be time to repair your foundation and replace the piers. It is best to consult a professional before making the decision.

Where to Find the Best Quality Helical Piles?

Original Posthole Diggers has partnered with Mascore to provide excellent quality helical piles for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal projects. They are customized to meet your project demands. We offer the strongest quality products for soil stabilization and foundation solutions. You can contact us to purchase the best quality helical piles at an affordable price along with our installation service.

How do Helical Piles Affect the Environment?

They are typically made of galvanized steel and coated with zinc at high temperatures. The maximum amount of embodied energy goes into manufacturing and transporting them. The waste from the production process is relatively low and comes mainly from offcuts. The total embodied energy for the piers is relatively small, which makes them an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional foundation products and methods.

We are a Reliable Helical Piles Installers in Ontario

10 Questions Answered About Helical Piles

Helical pile is a product designed and perfected over the years to provide expert product that solves various foundation challenges. Original Posthole Diggers is a leading deep foundation and helical pile installation expert in Ontario and has extended services to support different types of big and small projects in the best possible way. We have experience in working on every category soil which makes us a premium installer.

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