11 Must-Know Advantages of Helical Piles Foundations

11 Helical Piles Advantages You Should Know

Commercial buildings often look for added safety, strength, and reliability, especially when securing an existing foundation or laying

Commercial buildings often look for added safety, strength, and reliability, especially when securing an existing foundation or laying the groundwork for a new construction project. Whether you are a businessman, architect, or construction manager, a helical piles foundation may be the ideal solution.

Modern helical piles are a forward-thinking technology that makes the most of the benefits of the traditional form while offering new advantages for sound construction. They are the preferred choice for many industries. Although they were initially developed for the marine industry, they are now a popular choice in civil engineering, road, rail, and telecommunications industries. They can bear large tensile and compression loads and are often used for retaining structures such as walls, dams, and barriers.

Here are some of the helical piles advantages that can help you make an informed decision for your project.

Helical Piles Advantages You Should Know

Fast Installation

Helical piles are small and don’t require equipment like cranes for transportation. You can install them fast in any weather condition or season. They have a unique anchor system and do not need a wait time like concrete or other materials to set and harden. You can start construction immediately after installing them.

Environmentally Friendly

A low carbon footprint and minimal to zero site damage are one of the top advantages of helical piles. They have a screw-pile system that does not require soil cutting. This helps in keeping the project site clean and intact. As installation does not require heavy equipment, there is least to no production of construction vibration, which is a crucial factor to consider for environmentally sensitive areas. In addition, you can install screw piles, leave them in a place for years, and remove and reuse them in a different location with little to no impact on the initial site.

High Load Bearing Capacity  

When it comes to repairing an existing foundation, increased stability is critical. Helical piles show the capability of providing extended stability during foundation repair regardless of the size and scope of the structure.

Improved Versatility

Traditionally, helical piles are installed vertically. However, present-day systems are highly versatile. They can be arranged in several orientations to fit the needs of a foundation. You can install them horizontally to support earth-retaining projects and use them for lateral loading. Their cutting-edge technology enables them to support increased load capacity by adding them into the mix.


One of the essential helical piles advantages you should know is that they are highly economical. As they do not require transport or heavy equipment for installation, they save builders, structural engineers, and architects a significant amount of money. The piers can be driven into the ground at about five minutes for every 10 feet of pile required. As the process is simple, you only need an operator and one labourer to accomplish the task. The helical piles installation process also reduces site clutter and the costs related to site cleanup. There is no upkeep or technical maintenance required. And as they are recyclable, reusable, and transferable, it contributes to the environment and your investment.

Great Accuracy

Foundation repair of a structure requires as much accuracy as possible. Helical piles offer everything needed to ensure the repair is as accurate as possible. Handheld equipment enables you to see the resistance and torque used during installation. It also provides a signal on when to stop digging. With helical piers, you can achieve remarkable accuracy and final results every time.

Reduced Impact on the Site

In general, construction needs a lot of space and labour. It also causes gridlocks in and around the work site leading to inconvenience in the area. However, helical piles installation does not cause these problems. It also doesn’t require digging up soil and then a place to deposit the extracted soil like a traditional concrete foundation work. It keeps the site clean and requires minimal clean-up afterward. As the piles are driven into the ground using specialized equipment, it doesn’t cause noise pollution. Installation happens below 80dB.

Delivers Stability to Foundations on Any Soil

Soil quality is one of the crucial factors to consider for any construction project. Poor quality or loose soil can cause a foundation to shift, which results in wall cracks, sagging flooring, and drainage problems. Helical piles can be used on any ground as they can compress the existing soil and apply tension to it, ensuring that the foundation does not shift. During installation, load-bearing dirt is displaced instead of removed, and grout is added to the piers, allowing them to fix in place while preventing the surrounding soil from shifting.

Other Less Known Helical Piles Foundation Advantages

Applicable to High Groundwater Conditions

As helical piers do not require excavation, they are easily usable at construction sites with shallow groundwater conditions as it speeds up their installation process. This expedites construction and eliminates the need for pumps or other methods to control groundwater, leading to reduced costs.

Supports Alterations in Load Capacity

Another unique advantage of helical piles is that you can increase the load capacity anytime by making small changes. You can also easily alter the configuration to improve load capacity. It is easy to create a solution by adding extension sections with additional piers of a larger diameter without the need to build a new foundation.

Easy to Install at Remote Sites

One of the rarely known helical piles advantages includes their capability to suit any project in remote areas. As they don’t require ample space or heavy equipment, you can easily transport them to a site that is congested and lacks access to advanced heavy-duty equipment.

11 Helical Piles Advantages You Should Know

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