Commercial fencing serves as an essential asset to your property. Apart from enhancing the visual appeal, it offers protection and a sense of privacy, two critical aspects of any commercial property.

If you are looking for the best fence solution for your business, you may get overwhelmed with plenty of designs and materials available. To help you narrow your search, we have compiled the 10 best fence design ideas that discourage unauthorized access to your property.

Top 10 Fence Design Ideas for Your Commercial Property

Vertical Picket Fence Design

A vertical picket fence is one of the most common traditional options. You can easily customize it by adding the required space between each picket and creating a fence design that suits your privacy needs.

Horizontal Slat Fence Design

Install traditional pickets by rotating them 90 degrees, and you get the modern horizontal slat fence that provides privacy with style and beauty. Placing planks without gaps creates complete privacy. But if you want to make it seem more extensive, you can keep the slats slightly apart.

Aluminum Fence Design

Aluminum is a low-maintenance fencing option that provides strength, durability, beauty and high resistance to rust. It can adjust to flat and sloped terrains without causing ugly gaps. You can customize it to create a barrier that improves security and blends well with the surroundings.

Vinyl Fence Design

A vinyl fence is one of the most affordable options that provide privacy and a sense of cleanliness. It offers a variety of styles and colours for customization. It is easy to install and requires less maintenance than wood. Resistance to weather makes it more durable than the fence design ideas mentioned above. In addition, vinyl planks have no gaps that ensure complete seclusion and an increased level of protection for your clients and employees.

Bamboo Fence Design

Bamboo offers a higher tensile strength than steel and can be stretched without breaking. It is a highly durable material that can withstand damage from termites and last longer than many materials. A bamboo wall looks beautiful, and installing the sticks close to each other provides privacy. A bamboo fence design is a practical option if you have a small commercial property. Alternatively, you can combine a bamboo fence with another material if you want to install it for larger premises.

Corrugated Metal Fence Design

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, consider installing a corrugated metal fence. This privacy fence is more affordable than a wooden railing and will cost less maintenance. It offers a robust fence design that provides an opaque surface that deters trespassers from peeping. The installation takes less time than bamboo and offers complete privacy and security.

Stone Fence Design

Stone fencing is one of the best options for commercial properties. Although it might take a longer time to install, it provides excellent privacy and security. It is easy to combine with other fence design ideas to create a unique solution that enhances your property’s curb appeal. It can blend well with a bamboo, picket, or corrugated metal fence. A stone wall can provide a perfect foundation solution when you want to prevent decay due to any existing wooden fence installed directly into the ground.

Steel Fence Design

Many commercial property owners opt for steel fence design to enhance security. The barrier looks neat and elegant and combines well with other natural elements surrounding the area. Its surface shines in all seasons and is resistant to rust and corrosion. A steel fence offers a sturdy and secure barrier for your business and serves well in discouraging thieves and vandals. It also increases the overall property value.

Shadow Box Fence Design

A shadow box fence or board-on-board fence is a popular wooden privacy railing that looks good on both sides. The pickets on the side of the rails cover the gaps between pickets on the other side, blocking the view. You can combine this fence design with a living wall and opt for a DIY installation.

Pallet Fence Design

A pallet fence is a typical privacy fence that is easy to install. The pallets allow light to penetrate in if you have plants growing on the opposite side of the barrier on your premises. Pallets look inviting to visitors, and as they fill space, they also serve as a good privacy fence. You can use endless customization ideas with pallet fences to enhance curb appeal and privacy.

10 Fence Design Ideas for Better Privacy and Security

A Strong Fence Design Needs a Strong Fence Foundation

Often property owners tend to overlook the importance of foundation when installing fences. No matter how good the material and design, the barrier will fail to serve the purpose if the foundation is poor. Over time the posts will start to bend, and eventually, the fence could collapse. You should plan the foundations as carefully as you plan your fence design.

A firm footing protects the barrier from damage in high winds and blowing over in strong winds. The deep-rooted posts in the ground ensure your fence stands strong in every weather condition.

Posts are the backbone of the complete fence system. When planning to install a fence, understand its functions and the suitable products to use. Consult a professional fence contractor to know everything from the types of posts available to the installation costs. This will help in determining the perfect fencing solution for your property.

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Removing A Fence?

From termites and wood rot, to loose soil and wind damage, there could be any number of reasons why it may be time to remove your fence. If it’s any of the reasons we listed, chances are the fence isn’t even doing its job and is only being help up by the stronger posts. Now, you may be saying to yourself, “sure, it looks less presentable, but it still defines the property boundaries”. While this is true, the real issue is the safety hazard the damaged fence poses. Removing your fence may not be a difficult job, but it can be time consuming. Here are some steps to make this process faster and less strenuous.

Installing a fence

It can save you money, provide a sense of accomplishment, and bring your backyard to life! If you’re going the DIY route, make sure you are doing it properly. Consider these steps to ensure that the first time you build your fence will be the only time!

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