When it comes to fence post-hole digging, many property owners prefer to do it themselves. Accomplishing the task yourself and not having to pay for the labour can be a tempting idea. However, a few drawbacks may lead you to think twice before considering this a DIY task.

Here is an article to help you decide whether to call a professional post-hole digger or complete the project yourself.

Reasons to Think Twice Before Undertaking DIY Post-Hole Digging

Facing Unforeseen Situations

What may seem like a simple job may cost you more time and money. Digging a posthole can become a complicated task. Many DIY enthusiasts start by thinking that they know their yard very well, but they end up facing unforeseen challenges. Your soil may be rockier than expected, which can be more difficult to dig into. A professional posthole company knows how to handle unexpected challenges efficiently.

Having to Buy Expensive Tools

Installing a fence requires specialized tools such as posthole diggers, nail guns, and batter boards. You may have to spend on buying these tools. And if you need to demolish an old fence on the property, you will have to invest in buying expensive power tools to accomplish this. You also need to ensure to operate the tools safely and effectively. Moreover, it is not worth it if you are not going to use it frequently.

Following Permits & Laws

A permit for digging is required even before demolishing your old fence. It ensures the utility lines on your property are marked to prevent potentially dangerous accidents. It is also crucial to know about the laws and regulations involved in completing the task. If your fence violates any rules, you may have to rebuild it, pay a significant amount of fine or deal with a legal dispute. It helps to hire a professional posthole digger as they are well-versed in the permits and laws involved in fence installation.

Ensuring Safety

A digging permit allows a utility company to mark the property and ensure that no power line is hit accidentally when the digging begins. This can be potentially dangerous for inexperienced people using a nail gun or dealing with a falling panel which could lead to personal injury. A professional posthole digger company is insured to cover such potential damage and knows how to complete the job safely.

Investing Time

You need a lot of time to research installing a fence, what materials you need, and what kind of permit is required. An experienced professional has done this job several times and knows almost everything that needs to be considered to complete the task. They can demolish and rebuild a fence in one to two days which won’t compare to the time required by someone doing it for the first time.

Necessary Skills

Expert posthole companies have a skilled team who knows how to deal with complications such as joining the new fence to existing structures, building on hilly terrain or dealing with tree roots. There is a vast difference between installing a fence yourself with a few friends and getting the task done by an expert team of professionals. Unless you have experience with similar projects, it is not wise to opt for a DIY fence installation project.

Risks of Excavating Yourself

You may have rented the necessary equipment and received the permits. However, excavating for fence foundations and pouring can be dangerous. It is vital to gain knowledge of the potential risks involved in building a foundation, which may include:

  • Hitting an underground power line can result in electrocution
  • Improper excavation can cause holes and trenches, which increases the risk of falling
  • Dirt and debris dust can lead to breathing issues without proper safety gear

Why Fence Foundations Fail

A fence foundation may fail for several reasons. Some fail immediately, while others take time. Some of these common reasons include:

  • Interfering with tree roots and failing to remove them
  • Uprooting an above-ground stump does not stop root growth which could eventually disturb the foundation
  • High water concentration in the backfill soil can cause the foundation to collapse or absorb more water, leading to cracks and leaks.
  • Foundation may shift or crack due to a sinking base
  • Not giving the foundation enough time to dry before backfilling and building.
  • Failing to pour the foundation at once can cause seams between pours, allowing moisture to penetrate.

Common Mistakes in a DIY Project

Here are some of the common mistakes you should avoid before starting your project:

  • Not obtaining the necessary permits before excavation
  • Not measuring the size of the equipment and tools before renting or buying (Small options won’t fit any excavator or cement truck)
  • Not planning for excess soil removal before excavating (Failing to remove dirt on a small lot means it can fall back into your trenches, and you will have to start digging again)

Do You Want Customized Results?

You may plan to do posthole digging yourself to ensure you can customize it the way you want. However, you can work closely with a professional post-hole digger company from start to finish and get the results you expect without having to face potential risks.

Install Your Fence with Professional Posthole Diggers

Why Fence Post-Hole Digging is Not a DIY Project

When it comes down to safety, hiring a professional posthole company is the best option. Original Posthole Diggers have years of experience providing digging and post-setting services according to client requirements and budgets. Our team of contractors can help you design and construct fences and decks apart from just digging holes.

Throughout the years, we have encountered and dealt with different situations on-site successfully. We are committed to protecting our clients and employees and are a fully insured and WSIB-compliant company. This makes us a trusted posthole service for all types of commercial, residential, industrial, and municipal purposes.

Look no further if you are looking for a reliable posthole digger in the Durham region or surrounding areas. Contact us or fill out our contact form. We will be happy to discuss your upcoming project.

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Installing a fence

It can save you money, provide a sense of accomplishment, and bring your backyard to life! If you’re going the DIY route, make sure you are doing it properly. Consider these steps to ensure that the first time you build your fence will be the only time!