Whether you are building a structure from the ground up or undertaking a renovation, you need to make a lot of critical decisions that will determine the success of your project. One of the first essential decisions you must make is hiring a reliable post hole digger. Choosing the right post hole company can make all the difference.

Here are seven fundamental questions to help you find the best fit for your project. It will also help you determine if they are experienced, trustworthy, and capable of meeting your foundation requirements.

7 Things to Ask Before Hiring a Post Hole Digger Company

1. Are you certified and insured for this type of work?

This is one of the most crucial pieces of information you need to know about the post hole digger you are about to hire. A certified and insured company ensures they are qualified to work on your project and can handle any unforeseen situation skillfully. They also take the best safety measures to protect your project from significant delays and accidents. Check their certification and the insurance policy before making the decision.

2. Can you provide client references?

Talking to past clients is a great way to get different perspectives on how capable and knowledgeable the company is in accomplishing the job. Prepare a set of questions to get all the information you need from their customers about the post holes digging company.

3. What similar projects have you worked on?

When looking for a company to handle your project, it can help to know whether the vendor you are interested in has done something similar. If they have, it is more likely that the project will go well. If they are inexperienced in that area, there may be some obstacles that need to be overcome which can affect your timeline and budget.

4. Do you provide design-build post-hole digging services?

Post hole diggers who follow the design-build project delivery method can offer optimum results. Collaboration between the design and building teams helps streamline planning, execution, and communication and reduces costs. During an unpredictable challenge, they can resolve the problem much more quickly and efficiently and get the project running without significant delays.

5. What materials do you use?

As with any construction project, the quality of the material plays a crucial role in determining the strength and lifespan of the finished product. A high-quality material can significantly enhance the life of the foundation and its superstructure. By using only high-quality materials, you can ensure that your project will stand the test of time.

6. Will you provide a dedicated team for my project?

Another important factor that ensures success is the crew members assigned to the job. Find out whether their team is experienced and professional enough to stick with your project until it’s complete. An experienced crew and supervisor are critical to making good decisions if anything goes wrong. They should be capable of managing communications, equipment malfunctions, and keeping the project running safely and smoothly.

7. What information do you need from us to ensure an accurate project plan?

Open conversation is vital to avoid misunderstandings, delays, and issues hampering the project. You should ensure the company is willing to discuss your requirements without missing small details. And if you don’t have specific information, professional post hole diggers will let you know the specific information they need to complete their part of your project.

What Makes Us the Best Post hole Diggers in Ajax

7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Posthole Digger Service

Whether you are looking for an expert post hole digger just to dig holes or also to set the posts, we can do it for you. Original Posthole Diggers is a fully certified and insured company through WSIB specializing in precision post-hole settings for your fence, deck, and other foundation needs. We have private liability coverage for your protection and our crew.

We use high-quality Portland cement on-site with a half inch stone mix. Our team is professional, experienced, and dedicated to working efficiently and fulfilling the project requirements per your needs. We go the extra mile to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with the process and the result. This approach helps us build a lifelong relationship with our customers who choose to hire us again for various other projects.

We distinguish ourselves by focusing on several aspects, including:

  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Precise quote
  • Dedicated crew (we do not subcontract)
  • Exceptional customer experience
  • Customized service
  • Superior quality materials
  • Affordable price

We serve as reliable post hole diggers in Ajax, Aurora, Bolton, Brampton, Markham, Newmarket, Thornhill, Toronto, Whitby, and many other regions in Canada. Contact us or fill out our form to learn more about our company.

Post hole digging may seem simple, but it requires special skills and equipment to ensure a robust foundation. It involves working with uneven terrains, loose debris, hauling heavy materials and other potentially dangerous settings. You need a detailed plan with the proper mapping of the utility lines before breaking ground.

Such operations are not a DIY task, and hiring a professional post hole digger is wise to help you avoid possible accidents and property damage. Here are some strong reasons to get an experienced post hole digger for your upcoming project.

Eight Reasons to Hire a Professional Post Hole Digger

1. They Have Special Tools and Equipment

Establishing a foundation requires moving earth and compacting soil to make sure it can manage the weight. When you hire a post hole digger, they come with special tools and equipment ideal for your project needs and the skills to use them efficiently. This prevents you from additional spending on expensive equipment and gives peace of mind that the job will be accomplished safely. Consider choosing a post hole digger with years of experience working on different projects, such as Original Posthole Diggers.

2. They are Licensed and Insured

Post hole digging is a complex operation where you must consider potential risks, injury, and damages. Hiring a licensed digger means they are trained and authorized by law to practice specific functions, while insured means they are protected from any damage or injury that may occur during the process. They complete the job honestly and do not implement shortcuts that harm anyone or their surroundings.

3. They Know How to Handle the Job Safely

One of the biggest reasons to hire a post hole digger is to ensure safety. The need locates to map the nearby utility lines such as water, gas, electrical, telephone, or drainage lines before digging. In rare cases, if they accidentally hit a gas source, they have the safety protocols to handle such situations effectively. In addition, they wear proper safety and protection gear and know what to do in an unforeseen situation to reduce the risk to the surrounding environment.

4. They Adapt to Soil Conditions Before Digging

Many property owners attempt a DIY process assuming that the soil they walk on is the same soil they will dig up. However, as you dig deeper, you may encounter different types of soil surfaces that may pose various challenges. Depending on the location, muddy, sandy, or rocky soil can be closer to the surface than you may expect. Digging a hole through multiple layers of different soil types, especially rocky soil, can be hard to break up. Digging up extremely wet and unpredictable marshlands is a greater challenge. It becomes crucial to hire a qualified post hole digger who will test the soil and evaluate the overall site before beginning the process.

5. They are More Than Just a Post Hole Digger

Post hole digging is not just about unearthing dirt. It is a complex process involving many factors such as site evaluation, earthmoving, disposal, transportation and installation. If not done correctly, you may end up causing significant damage to your property or your neighbour’s or affect the water quality around your area. Trained post hole diggers can guide you on whom to contact regarding regulations and procedures in your area.

6. They are Knowledgeable

When you hire digging contractors, you are not paying them only for the labour. Their extensive knowledge in the field and years of experience working on different projects and challenges significantly count and help make your project a success.

7. They Ensure Value for Money

Whether performing the task yourself or hiring an amateur, you will need to spend money on the project. But hiring a skilled post hole digger gives you value for your money. Their expertise, experience, and top-notch equipment are vital in reducing the dangers and risks. If you are doing it yourself to save on cost, you may spend more or even double the investment if any problem or accidental damage occurs. Ensure you consider the risks involved and that you can mitigate them all with the help of a professional.

8. They Respect Deadlines

When handing over a digging job to a contractor, you don’t have to worry about meeting the deadline. As professionals, they respect their clients’ deadlines and budgets, working with you to ensure all necessary paperwork (such as  locates) is completed in time. If you are doing it yourself, any delay may result in spending more money or requiring additional equipment to accomplish the job.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Post Digger

Hire a Reliable Post Hole Digger for Your Project

At Original Posthole Diggers, we have years of experience working on diverse digging and excavation projects. We are a licensed and insured company, and we also have safety measures to ensure we finish the project while giving you complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

From post hole digging to deck footings, we offer a full range of services customized to your requirements. Whether you require qualified post hole diggers for one fence or need to dig hundreds of post holes for a large field, we have got you covered. Our qualified team of professionals is proficient and finishes the work with quality.

We also offer helical pile installation, an advanced, neat, time-saving and environmentally friendly alternative to digging using traditional concrete. These piles are applicable to building foundations for various structures on your commercial, industrial, or residential property.

To know more about our post hole digging services, contact us or fill out our form. We are always available to resolve any queries you may have.

The first step of any task is usually the hardest, but it’s also the most important if you want the rest of the process to go according to plan. Before we can dig and set the holes for you, we’ll need to know where the holes need to be. While we do offer this service, you may find the experience more rewarding if you’re the DIY type.

One question we get a lot is:

“Will the equipment damage my property?”

The answer quite simply is no.

When people take on DIY projects, they often picture the final product in their mind, without fully considering all the mess or complications they may run into along the way. Fortunately, that’s what we’re here for. As homeowners ourselves, we know just how big of a job this is so we understand the concern. Rest assured, your home will be treated with the utmost respect, as if it belonged to any one of our employees.