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Before You Grill: Using Your BBQ On The Deck

So you’ve built a new deck and you want to show if off? Now that you have the

So you’ve built a new deck and you want to show if off? Now that you have the extra space, maybe its time to bring out the barbeque. Who doesn’t enjoy a good BBQ? Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, or refining your culinary skills, it’s a great- and delicious, way of bringing friends, family, and even some stray neighbours together. Don’t bring those steaks out just yet! If you’re planning a big summer cookout, there are a few things you should consider if you want to protect your deck, your grill, and most importantly, yourself.

When it comes to barbecuing, a lot of people are too concerned with the grill to think about what it’s doing to the ground. Charcoal grills should generally be kept away from the deck at all times, but if you have a gas barbeque, moving it up to the deck will save space, and clear some of that smoke. Be sure to place your grill towards an outer railing to keep the smoke clear of your walls.

BBQ protective matKinds of mats

There are several kinds of makeshift mats you can make with easily accessible materials. These mats are great for catching charcoal ash and grease stains that would otherwise cause damage to your deck, especially if it is untreated. If you’re worried about the wood or the space in between the boards, try placing a thin sheet of metal under your grill. Keep in mind that it won’t burn, but it does get hot fast. Another option is to use a thick board. Alternatively, you can skip the boards and build a sandbox – if you don’t have any cats of course. Being fire resistant, grease absorbent, and easily replicable, this is probably your best bet. If you’d prefer not to go the DIY route, your local hardware store should carry specially designed mats.

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